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Myths of Metamorphosis is based on Ovid’s epic poem Metamorphoses, a collection of Greek myths linked in most cases by the theme of transformation. I began writing on the day that I first picked up a copy of Ovid’s book in the A.D. Melville translation. At that time, I was working as an art teacher in a secondary school in Belfast and trying to find a direction for my own painting.


I didn’t expect to be distracted for long by Ovid’s poem but I was immediately captivated by the beauty of the storytelling and the power of the poetic rhythm. I was surprised to find myself laughing out loud at the wit of a writer writing more than 2000 years ago and finding such obvious pleasure in telling a good story well. 

It immediately struck me that many of these stories would be of particular interest and relevance to young readers as they experience the, sometimes confusing, physical and emotional changes of adolescence. I realised too, that they would be unlikely to read Ovid's book in its present form. I began to reimagine the stories. I chose a rhythm that is close to natural speech, and used the verses like paragraphs, keeping the story simple and the language rich. At the same time, I began this series of paintings.


Kara Porter was born and grew up in Belfast. 


She has worked as an artist, book designer, illustrator and teacher. She has taught art to young people both in Zimbabwe and in Belfast.


She is driven by a belief in the power of art and literature to enrich our lives and to help us understand what motivates us as human-beings. In these vivid paintings, and these great tales of Love and lust, jealousy and hatred, misuse of power and triumph of courage, Kara introduces Ovid to a new generation of young adults.

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